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I recently started writing for a new site Cheap Eats & Thrifty Crafts. My first article was Easy Easter Crafts for Budget-Friendly Table Setting Ideas.


This Valentine’s Day I decided to make Homemade Chocolates and Embroidered Wrappers. Find out how easy this is to do by reading the article!



1 Day ‘Til Christmas: Holiday Table Setting Ideas is my newest article on The tips I share are useable throughout the year, so be sure to check it out.


Decorating our home to match the season is fun – but it can get expensive.

Recycling materials from older décor ideas or finding supplies at rummage sales or thrift shops is one way to cut our costs. Another way is to use coupons. Most craft supply stores offer 40% to 50% off on a regular basis – and be sure to check out their clearance aisles which can save you as much as 90% off the retail price.

Get creative and think about unique ways to upcycle what you already have and remember to ask friends or family for things they no longer want.

“NEW PARADE.COM POST: FALL IS HERE! Give your home that lovely, autumnal feel with a luxurious twist with these budget-saving, eye-catching tips from Sheri Ann Richerson. From tips on how to recycle old home decorations year after year to learning what to invest in and what to get for a few bucks, read award-winning author Sheri’s article here.”

It’s easy to create a colorful, centerpiece for Mardi Gras with just a few flowers, beads and Mardi Gras style decorations such as a Fleur de Les and feather mask. Learn how to go about making this colorful bouquet because even though Mardi Gras is over for another year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t collect ideas for next year – or even create this Elegant, Easy, DIY Mardi Gras Centerpiece for everyday use.


Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance. A homemade bath gift basket filled with soap, bath salt and a pillar candle in matching scents is an ideal gift for the one you love.

Nothing pampers you quite like a long soak in scented bath water while soft candlelight gently flickers in the room. Choosing or making a gift basket with paper roses adds even more romance and is the perfect keepsake.

Create the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Basket – and don’t be fooled into thinking that is the only day this lovely heart-shaped gift basket would be appreciated! It is perfect for so many occasions.

Making your own bath salts is fun and easy. It is the perfect gift – especially for Valentine’s Day. All it takes is a container to put the ingredients in, essential oils, baking soda, sea salt and Epsom salt. For people who are sensitive to scent, skip the essential oils and give it as an unscented bath salt. You can add other items such as dried flower petals or herbs if you wish.

Here is the tutorial for the Valentine’s Day Bath Salts I put into the gift basket above but of course you could make these for yourself or give them in a glass jar instead.


Are you wondering where I found the cute guest soaps to put in the gift basket above? I made them – and you can too!

Soap making is a fun and economical craft that the young and old alike can enjoy. Custom made soap – especially for special occasions or holidays such as Valentine’s Day – is a great way to customize a gift basket or create that extra special gift that the recipient can use as a decoration or get use out of.

Find out how easy it is in my Valentine’s Day Homemade Soap: Tips & Tricks article.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we all know finding that perfect gift isn’t always easy. This year, why not make a memorable keepsake etched glass vase? Or maybe there is a wedding in your near future. What about an etched glass unity vase?

DIY Valentine’s Day Etched Glass Vase is my latest article on – this is a really easy technique that creates a truly special gift. I hope you check out the article.

First up is an article published today on – Step by Step Tutorial: DIY Pillar Candle – Pillar candles are fun and easy to make! Plus, there are so many ways you can customize them with dried flowers, ribbons or even by engraving them. Of course, they are beautiful as just plain pillars if that is your preference. Candles – especially handmade candles – make great gifts, especially for Valentine’s Day. You can give the candles an enticing scent – adds a touch of romance to a gift basket, or even just gift the candle alone as a thoughtful, homemade gift! Be sure to follow the link for step-by-step instructions.

I’ve been writing some articles that are now published on the San Francisco Gate Home Guides by Demand Media site. Here are links to those articles.

Varieties of Vine Vegetables – Vegetables that vine are ideal for growing vertically on a stake, trellis, cage or fence. This saves space, makes harvesting easier and adds an element of privacy to the garden. Pests that cannot climb, such as slugs or snails, and diseases caused by contact with wet soil are not a problem for vertical vegetables either. The vegetables have a nicer appearance once they form, plus the vines provide some shade and wind protection for the rest of the garden.

Leaf Disease in Orchids – Leaf disease in orchids is a widespread problem due to the rapid sharing of plants and increase in importation. The problem begins at the growers with the propagation of diseased stock. The leaf diseases continue to spread at nurseries and florists due to the close proximity of the plants. Rapid and accurate diagnosis, prevention and destruction of diseased stock is essential. Everyone who grows or sells orchids must take action to prevent the further spread of leaf disease.

How to Plant Peas in a Damp Towel Overnight in the Fridge – Pea plants withstand hard frost and soil temperatures of 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and the harvested peas that have undergone these cool conditions taste sweeter. However, cool soil slows germination rates. The use of paper towels and a fridge solves this problem. Once the seeds are germinated, peas grow very well under cool soil conditions.

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