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Live Workshops

This is a brief listing of the workshops I offer. Custom programs are available on request.

I charge $150 per hour for the presentation plus .50 per mile and additional expenses such as meals, hotel, supplies, printing, etc.

For presentations that are over an hour, the rate will be an additional $150 per hour plus mileage and expenses.

1. Chocolate: From Growing To Making!

This workshop is one of the best. Learn how to germinate chocolate (cacao) seeds, a bit of history as well as how to make chocolate. You will earn how to grow your own chocolate tree in your home. If a cacao pod is available at the time of the presentation each person will get to take home a viable seed that they can germinate.

2. Chocolate Lovers Garden: Chocolate Colored, Chocolate Flavored and Chocolate Scented Plants You Can Grow!

3. Unusual Garden Themes

4. Flavor Gardens

5. Pets & Toxic Plants

Many times pet owners do not think of the consequences of having plants around their pets. However, the combination can be deadly. Come along with Sheri Ann Richerson on a journey where she will explore what plants can be fatal to your pet.

6. Plant-A-Row for the Hungry

7. Roses: Creative Culinary Uses Plus Unique Growing Ideas!

Let Sheri Ann Richerson introduce your organization to the culinary delights of cooking with roses. In addition, this presentation will cover topics such as unique planting ideas for roses, various plant combinations and introduce participants to the fabulous world of color that roses can provide in the landscape.

8. Spring Bulbs

January through May is the peak season for potted bulbs both indoors and out. Recent research shows that forty-five million U.S. households now purchase flowers at least once a month. Learn tips for buying the best flowering bulbs at their peak time, learn how to properly re-pot bulbs and learn how to plant bulbs properly into the garden for lasting blooms year after year.

9. Forcing Bulbs

10. Four Seasons Of Bloom In Indiana

This workshop is awesome! Learn what you flowers and vegetables you can grow year-round in Indiana! Yes, it is possible to look out into the snow and see flowers blooming here. A very practical workshop that will also teach participates how to extend the spring and fall vegetable harvest without the use of an expensive, heated greenhouse. This will allow participatants to learn how to save money on their grocery bill and still eat fresh fruits and vegetables year-round. Sheri Ann Richerson is the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Year-Round Gardening as well as numerous other books on gardening and self-sufficiency. She resides in Indiana and brings to the table her own personal experience on the subject.

11. Fragrant Bulbs

12. Global Warming In The Garden

13. Garden Trends: What’s The Latest Rage?

Let Sheri Ann Richerson introduce your organization to the latest trends in gardening from fragrant plants to must-have garden accessories.

14. Night Blooming Plants

Let Sheri Ann Richerson introduce your organization to the joys of night blooming plants. From vivid foliage that glows in the moonlight to flowers that begin to open at dusk, the evening garden can be a wonderful place for relaxation or contemplation.

15. Easy Perennials For Beginners

16. Fashionably Dark Plants: Create An Enigmatic Masterpiece

Dark colored flowers and foliage are becoming a widespread gardening trend. Let Sheri Ann Richerson introduce you to the joys of using dark colored flowers and foliage in the garden.

17. Secret Gardening Tips

If you’ve ever wondered what you can do with the plants you grow other than use them as cut flowers or enjoy them in the garden, this talk is for you! You will learn about dyes, creating fabric from plants, unusual edible recipes and much more!

18. Flower Arranging

From conditioning cut flowers to new techniques in flower arranging this presentation will cover a broad spectrum. Flower trends come and go. Flower color choices are also constantly changing. Does your group know what’s hot and what’s not this year?

19. English Gardens

20. Cooking With Lavender

21. Seed Starting and Saving

22. Organic Gardening

23. Introduction To Vegetable Gardening

24. New Introductions

25. Photographing Your Garden

26. Amaryllis

Many people think of Amaryllis as a Christmas flower, but that is far from the truth. These colorful indoor flowers do brighten up the grey depths of mid-winter, but Amaryllis also make a wonderful summer garden flower.

27. Biblical Herbs

Biblical gardens have been slowly making their way into mainstream culture over the past few years. Many of these gardens have flowers incorporated into them, however, what about herbs? Learn more about the herbs of the Bible through this presentation.

28. Self-Sufficiency Tips

In today’s tough economy, learning to be self-sufficient is the only way to go! Learn tips, tricks and more. Talk can be customized for your group!

29. Bulbs For Long Lasting Color

30. Year-Round Gardening

Learn how you can grow your own fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers year-round, regardless of where you live!

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