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Workshops By Request From Garden Author And Speaker Sheri Ann Richerson

Any presentation that is By Request will be charged $150 for the presentation plus .50 per mile and additional expenses such as meals, hotel, supplies, printing, etc.

For presentations that are over an hour, the rate will be an additional $150 per hour.

For example, if the talk takes 1 hour and 15 minutes the cost will be $300 plus mileage and expenses.

Once the date and time are agreed on, you are expected to put down a non-refundable fee of $50, which reduces the rate for the first hour to $100, plus expenses.

For more information, or to book a program, please email Sheri Ann Richerson

Amaryllis: Exotic Colorful Windowsill Plants

Biblical Herbs

Chocolate Theme Gardens

Chocolate lovers everywhere will delight in this presentation which covers chocolate scented plants, chocolate colored plants and of course, Theobroma cacao the true chocolate tree.

Cooking With Lavender

Designing For Birds And Butterflies

Designing a garden for birds and butterflies takes careful consideration as well as knowledge of which plants they prefer.

This presentation will give a listing of plants that will attract the birds and butterflies to your garden as well as mention other features such as food and water that will keep them happy while they are there.

Introduction To Vegetable Gardening

Photographing Your Garden

For additional topics, please see my Live Workshops.

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