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“It is my pleasure to recommend Sheri Ann Richerson as an author, blogger and expert on all topics concerning gardening and private farming.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on several full-length book projects. I’ve been senior editor in book publishing for over thrity years, and I can say without reservation that Sheri is among a handful of authors that I can recommend without reservation. She is a talented writer, professional in her attention to deadlines and collaborative editing. Sheri knows exactly what is required of a writer in popular non-fiction reference and delivers superb work. Whenever a project in her area of expertise comes my way, she is always my first choice.

Sheri Ann Richerson is first rate.”

Paul Dinas
Senior Acquisitions Editor
Alpha Books, an imprint of PenguinUSA


“Sheri is wonderful to work with. Her optimism and can-do attitude brings joy to my day. She has developed several books within my publishing department, all of which have been fantastic reads, and her daily and weekly blogs as one of my gurus at are both engaging and informative. Sheri is a dream to work with and I cannot say enough good things about my experience with her as a professional.” December 8, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert 1st Amanda Connor,
hired Sheri Ann as a Writer/Editor in 2007


“Sheri is an amazing writer for Suite101. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and I believe everyone should read her highly informative articles.” February 15, 2008

1stJoe Lam, Freelance Writer, worked with Sheri Ann at


“Sheri took over a difficult topic and quickly got the site up to speed. She trained with mimimal supervision and promptly made any suggested changes without fuss. She was a pleasure to train and entirely professional in all her communications and assignments.” February 18, 2008

1stTerrie Lynn Bittner, Training Manager, managed Sheri Ann at Bella Online


“Sheri knows more about gardening than just about anyone I know! If you have any questions about managing your garden, don’t hesitate to ask her; she’s approachable and happily shares her expertise.” February 18, 2008

1stJen Miner, Travel Writer, worked with Sheri Ann at Suite101


With almost 50 years behind me, 35 of them growing my own food and gardening naturally through organics, I can say that my personal experience has led me down many paths, where I have met numerous garden enthusiasts along the way.
Not until I met Sheri Ann Richerson, did I ever meet anyone as thorough in their writing and speaking engagements as myself. I must tell you that Sheri Ann has outdone some of the best, and she is one gardener you must learn more about.
Her love of Tropical, Sub Tropical, and Exotics plants, has led to many award-winning articles. Theobroma Cacao Part 1 and the second of the series, Tips For Growing Your Own Theobroma Cacao , is one species little spoken of, as not too many can grow it with the success that Sheri Ann has seen.
Added to her list of accomplishments, read her exciting exposes on far off and seldom traveled places such as Jardin Exotique De Monaco. She will take you there with her carefully chosen words and enthusiasm.
Please indulge yourself. Come learn from Sheri Ann, the exciting ways of Growing Tropical Fruit In Containers to Growing A Bird-Of-Paradise, Growing Cinnamon, or even How-To Grow Bananas.
I urge you to visit Sheri Ann at her many websites, and learn how you too, can feature her and her knowledge in your upcoming garden event.

Jill Manzoni


I have had the pleasure to work with Sheri Ann Richerson for the past six months. She is a writer with great sensitivity, a profound knowledge in a wide spectrum of topics and a true master of words. I can assure you that Ms. Richerson will research every assigned project up to the last detail and indulge herself wholeheartedly into her work. She never shies away from difficult topics and will give her utmost best. I wish Ms. Richerson much luck for the future.

Annette Aryanpour
Better Living In


I would like to let you know that we were very pleased with Sheri Ann Richerson’s work . Her articles were fantastic as well as in on time. I would recommend her work to anyone.

Sheri Layden
Imprint Magazine


Sheri Ann Richerson has been working as a freelance journalist for our on-line publication, Beyond Infinity, for two years now. I have been very pleased with her submissions. Not only is she an excellent writer, she works with her own ideas when needed, doesn’t need to be edited and she never misses a deadline. All which makes my job as an editor/publisher, so much easier.

I would highly recommend her as a writing source.

Ms. Blake Cahoon
Beyond Infinity magazine
Amethyst Moon Enterprises


Sheri Richerson is a freelance writer for DogGone Newsletter, and has written two articles for my November/December 2001 issue: Holiday Pet Comfort and St. Thomas: Paradise For You And Your Dog. She met her deadline for the articles and they were written in a manner that supported the focus of this newsletter.

I have invited Ms. Richerson to continue being a contributor for DogGone Newsletter. I would not hesitate to recommend her to your entity.

Yours truly,
Robyn Peters
Owner and Publisher
and Jenny, Top Dog



The client likes your work. The amount of visitors to the site has increased from near nothing to almost 50 people per day. That might not sound like much but it adds up. You are working way too hard for the modest fee that I am paying, but the work is very good.

Tony Carlisle
Information Partners


Sheri demonstrates a very strong and sincere interest in the field of journalism. Sheri plays an important role on the staff of our school paper and has done some work for our local newspaper, The Journal-Reporter.

Fred Herron
Mississinewa High School


Sheri is a hard worker and very dependable. She is a valuable member of our newspaper staff.

Mrs. Marilyn Kissane
Journalism Sponsor
Mississinewa High School


Sheri has proven to be a very dedicated, hard-working young lady who has a sincere interest in the field of journalism. She is on the staff of our school paper and can be counted on to produce a creditable product. She is also doing some part time work for our local Gas City paper, the Journal-Reporter.

Floyd Thrailkill
Guidance Direstor
Mississinewa High School


Dear Sheri Ann,

On behalf of Ball State University, the Department of Journalism and the Journalism Workshops, we would like to congratulate you on being named week two’s second alternate for the Freshman Acheivement Scholorship.

The Workshops prides itself on being one of the best in the country.

Once again, congratulations.

Marilyn Weaver
Workshops Director
Ball State University


Sheri Ann Richerson has been in my 1st year Radio Workshop I and II classes her senior year at Huntington North High School. She completed both semesters with A/B grades. She has her restricted 3rd class radiotelephone operators permit. Her range of experience includes a video commercial, interviews for WIOE Radio, some board running and more extensive work in audio production.

Sheri Ann is interested in broadcast journalism and the field of communications and has successfully completed the requirements in Radion/TV at H.N.H.S.

Bill Walker
Radio Teacher
Huntington North High School

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